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Irony & Sarcasm marks, part 3: a short delay, and a request for help

I’m afraid the third article in the series on irony and sarcasm marks will have to be be delayed until next weekend. I’ll be discussing modern irony and sarcasm marks — chiefly those which have been proposed and promoted via the Internet — but unfortunately I’m having trouble reaching the creators of the SarcMark. If any Shady Characters readers have had any success in contacting them in the past, it would be great if you could put me in touch with them!

Look for the next article on the 9th of October, but while you’re waiting, why not have a look through some previous articles? And if you like what you read, maybe you’d consider voting for us as Grammar.net’s Best Grammar Blog of 2011!

Sorry for the delay, and see you all again in a week’s time.

4 comments on “Irony & Sarcasm marks, part 3: a short delay, and a request for help

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Hi Martijn — I’ve already both emailed and sent a message via Facebook, and so far I’ve heard nothing back. Thanks for the help, though!

  1. Comment posted by annie morgan on

    I voted, I voted!

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Ha! Thanks. I promise I’ll stop banging on about it now.

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