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Can you help trace these graphic designers?

The first of two interrobang articles is well underway, but before it’s published I’d like to do everything I can to trace two particular graphic designers who were active back in 1962.

First is Larry Ottino of New York, author of The Art of Lettering with Pen & Brush and a specialist in hand-written scripts produced using brushes and pens. I’ve been unable to find contact details for either Mr. Ottino or Lester Rossin Associates Inc., the erstwhile publisher of his book.

Second is Joe Carter of Chicago, and here I’ve drawn almost a complete blank. All I know thus far is that both he and Larry Ottino submitted interrobang designs for inclusion in the May-June ’62 issue of Type Talks magazine, published by the now-defunct Advertising Typographers Association of America.

If you know how to reach Larry Ottino, Joe Carter or their respective families, I’d be very grateful if you could let me know via the Contact page.

Stay tuned for the first interrobang entry this weekend!

2 comments on “Can you help trace these graphic designers?

  1. Comment posted by John B on

    FYI, Amazon lists Ottino’s book as “The Art of Lettering with Penbrush,” but in their photo of the cover the title is clearly “The Art of Lettering with Pen & Brush.”

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Hi John,

      My mistake! Thanks for that — rather an egregious transcription error on my part. I’ll correct the post.

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