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Coming soon: The Pilcrow, part 3

The third and final part of the story of the pilcrow is in the works. We’ll be covering the pilcrow’s place in modern typography and in particular how the controversial sculptor Eric Gill used it in his hand-printed book An Essay on Typography. Take a look at the first and second parts of the story to refresh your memory, and check back this Sunday for the final entry!

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7 comments on “Coming soon: The Pilcrow, part 3

  1. Comment posted by Luke Jones on

    Absolutely gutted. I’m going to be in a hotel in Bath without WiFi so won’t be able to read it until Tuesday :/.

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Thanks Andy — I’ll fix that in the post itself.

    2. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Hi Andy — links are all now fixed. Citeulike seems to escape characters like ‘&’ and ‘_’ in URLs, and so I’ve had to use goo.gl for certain links for the time being. Please let me know if anything is still broken!

  2. Comment posted by JR Prospal on

    In Pilcrow, Part 3, will you be looking into the use of the name ‘alinea’ for that character as well? Wikipedia mentions it, but doesn’t go into detail.

    I’m really liking this blog and your research. Great work.

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on


      Part 3 is already finished, I’m afraid. Take a look at it here. I’ve come across the term ‘alinea’ before but unfortunately haven’t had time to look at it in detail. One to file for future investigation!

      Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

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