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Updated contact details

This is a very quick note to say that I’ve added some new details to the Contact page. Also, I learned today that the contact form on that page has been misbehaving; certain messages were lost before they reached my inbox. If you’ve tried to send me a message but did not receive a reply, please accept my apologies! From now on, all messages should reach me in short order — and if not, please drop me a line on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

4 comments on “Updated contact details

  1. Comment posted by Hilary Isabel on

    I really enjoyed the Graffitti from Pompei mark from AD79 in the New Yorker article I read today that directed me back to this page.

    Thank you – it always tickles me pink to see how many of our modern anti-social behaviours are replicated in the evidence from artefacts and structures of such ancient civilisations.

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Hi Hilary — I’m glad you enjoyed the article! And yes, the ampersand’s distant roots as piece of Roman graffiti are ironically apt to its use today in rather more rarefied circumstances. If only Moët & Chandon knew.

  2. Comment posted by dan on

    I really enjoyed your article in The New Yorker. I have a budding interest in the ampersand. Last year I evidently pushed is so hard with my yearbook staff that they wanted to make it the theme this year. Now, I actually know some of the history and not just its many visual variations. I’m also probably one of the few English teachers who teach my students the terms pilcrow and interrobang. (Is there an accepted spelling?) I’m looking forward to buying the book, assuming I don’t win a copy.

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Hi Dan — thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed The New Yorker article. “Interrobang” was Martin K. Speckter’s preferred spelling.

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