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Publication week round-up

Shady Characters

has been on sale for over a week, and now that the furore has died down a little I thought I’d collect links to all the articles I wrote in support of the book. Some of these have already been featured here; others were posted on Twitter, Facebook and so on, and a few more are new. Without further ado, then, and in no particular order, here you are:

If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be “The List: Keith Houston on four unusual punctuation marks”, published by the FT; it’s a short article, but that only made it more challenging — and rewarding — to write.

Shady Characters was also (favourably!) reviewed in a number of places:

And finally, I was interviewed for both The Atlantic Wire and the local newspaper for my home town, the East Fife Mail. I wonder, can anyone else say that?

3 comments on “Publication week round-up

  1. Comment posted by Paul H. Tanimura on

    This is not really a comment on the book, but an inquiry to solicit the wisdom of its readers for deciphering the ‘shady characters’ woven into a golden brocade, believed to be produced in the 17th century China by a Christian missionary and subsequently exported to Japan before Christianity was forbidden. High resolution image can be shown by clicking on the tub at the left bottom corner. There are two character strings, each composed of four characters, possibly in reference to Jesus and Mary.

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Hi Paul — I’m afraid I’m rather out of my depth on this one! At first glance, some of the characters look Greek, while others have a runic feel about them, but that’s about all I can contribute. I’ll post a link to your site to the blog, and perhaps a reader can shed some light on the brocade’s meaning.

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