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It’s paperback publication day!

Shady Characters paperback (W. W. Norton., 2014).
Shady Characters paperback (W. W. Norton., 2014).

It barely seems a year since the Shady Characters hardback was launched. That’s because it was only a year ago, and yet here we are: the paperback is published today in the USA!

Jarrod Taylor designed the excellent new cover; Mark Forsyth, Eric Johnson, Zoran Minderovic, Tim Nau, Jeff Norman, Bill Pollack, Patrick Reagh, Jeff Shay, and Liz B. Veronis all helped weed out the errata that slipped through the net in the hardback edition. Thank you all!

So, if you’re in the market for a Shady Characters paperback, you can order yours now from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound or Powell’s. (Dare I say that it would make the perfect Christmas gift for your favourite punctuation, typography, or history buff?) If e-books are more your thing, you can get Shady Characters for your Nook at Barnes & Noble; for your iPhone or iPad at iTunes; for your Kindle at Amazon (USA) or Amazon (UK); and in ePub format at Waterstones (UK).

6 comments on “It’s paperback publication day!

  1. Comment posted by Esme Greenfield on

    Thank you Keith! I bought my e-book via Kobo and am looking forward to start reading.

  2. Comment posted by Jamsheed on

    Congrats! Just thinking of who it would make an excellent present for…

  3. Comment posted by Ned Brooks on

    Congratulations! Of course I ran across the 2013 Advance Reading Copy paperback here in the US, or I might never have known about Shady Characters at all. My annual zine about books that mentions it is being mailed to you today.

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