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The Book: a launch!

The publication of The Book is almost upon us (it’s out on August 12th in the UK and August 23rd in the US) and we’re having a bit of a bash at Waterstones in Edinburgh’s west end to celebrate. I’ll be there at 7pm on the evening of August 16th to do a short reading and then have a chat with the indispensable Lee Randall. After that we’ll find somewhere local for a few celebratory drinks and, if you like, I can deface your shiny new copy of The Book with my illegible and ridiculous “signature”.

Visit the Waterstones website to get your free tickets, and I look forward to seeing you there!*

And, of course, if you can make it, I’ll be at the Edinburgh International Book Festival earlier in the day to chat with Gerry Cambridge and Stuart Kelly about books, typography and more. 

3 comments on “The Book: a launch!

  1. Comment posted by Björn Isebaert on

    I enjoyed Shady Characters enormously, and am looking forward to “The Book” very much! Will it be available as an E-book, and if so, when? (I know, I should read a book about books on paper …)

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Hi Björn — I’m glad you enjoyed Shady Characters, and I hope you enjoy The Book too! It’ll be out in ebook format soon — see here for more details.

    2. Comment posted by Björn Isebaert on

      Super, thanks!

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