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It’s US publication day!

Cover of The Book
Cover of The Book as designed by David High.

The Book: A Cover-to-Cover Ex­plor­a­tion of the Most Power­ful Ob­ject of Our Time

is published today in the US! You can order a copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound or Powell’s — or, of course, from your favourite local bookshop. Learn more here, or read an extract over at Medium.

If you’d like to win one of two signed copies of the book, enter the giveaway here at Shady Characters. Good luck!

7 comments on “It’s US publication day!

  1. Comment posted by Anne Hercock on

    Here’s hoping. As an amateur bookbinder am going to love this.

  2. Comment posted by Steven Minniear on

    I got my book yesterday and I started it last night. So far, so very good. I love the production values.

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying The Book. Norton’s production people did an excellent job, didn’t they?

  3. Comment posted by Robert Higginbotham on

    My copy arrived on 25 August. I have now read Part 1. That would be papyrus, parchment, and paper, both made by hand and by machine. This may well be the most interesting, perhaps even enthralling, book I have ever read (apart from the original The Book, to wit: The Bible). I have learned six new words already. The line about early mechanized paper making machines that “inhaled” linen made me laugh aloud!

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Hi Robert — thanks for the comment. It means a lot to hear how much you’re enjoying it, and I hope that continues through parts 2, 3 and 4!

  4. Comment posted by Sara Leydon on

    I just received my copy and already enjoying! It occurs to me that you may want to share a copy with a fellow UK writer, Richard Mabey (Cabaret of Plants).

    What an exquisite thing The Book is. Thank you so much!

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Hi Sara — thanks for the comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying The Book. I’ll have to have look up Richard Mabey — it wouldn’t surprise me if Norton have already sent him a copy.

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