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We have a winner – and a new competition!

So! The first round of The Book giveaway came to a close yesterday, and I’m pleased to announce that of the 278 entrants the winner was Gary K. McCormick (@WillotheGlen). Congratulations to Gary! His signed copy of The Book will be on its way soon.

Cover of The Book
Cover of The Book as designed by David High.

If you didn’t win (and statistically speaking, you, um, probably didn’t), don’t fret! This is your chance to win the second of four signed copies I’ll be giving away over the next few weeks. To enter this round of the giveaway, just do one of the following:

  • leave a comment on this post, making sure to supply a valid email address so that I can contact you in the event that you win, or
  • reply to or retweet the tweet announcing this contest, making sure to follow @shadychars so that I can send you a direct message if you win. (Please don’t create multiple accounts or repeatedly reply to the message — Twitter may ban you as a result. One entry is fine!)

This second round of the contest will close at noon GMT on Sunday 21st August 2016, so make sure you enter before then. After that I’ll pick one winner from the list of all unique entrants, and I’ll happily post a copy of The Book to them wherever they are in the world.

Good luck!

Update: The second round of the competition is now closed! Thank you for all your comments and tweets. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow, and kick off the next round of the competition!

32 comments on “We have a winner – and a new competition!

  1. Comment posted by David Johnson on

    This is a job for the Tremulator!

  2. Comment posted by Stacey Waldrup on

    I loved Shady Characters, so I am thrilled to learn there is another book by this author! Cannot wait to read this one.

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Thanks! If you’re interested in learning more about the typography, I wrote a bit about the new design here.

  3. Comment posted by Thorsten Christiansson on

    I have already ordered the book – but another one would look good on the shelf!

  4. Comment posted by Dave Williams on

    Looks fabulous, and if I don’t win the draw I’ll definitely be buying a copy :^)

  5. Comment posted by Trine on

    I would love to bring this one to the office!

  6. Comment posted by Roman Gebath on

    Round two, I hope I’ve better luck this time

  7. Comment posted by Robert Higginbotham on

    I pitched The Book to the ad hoc committee of faculty and librarians at the community college where I teach yesterday as the book all faculty and staff should read this year.

    My copy arrives 23 August!

  8. Comment posted by Gunnar on

    Yeah, three more chances! Here we go …

  9. Comment posted by Sonny Wong on

    Hope my dream will come true to hold the book, enjoy the new book smell, flip the pages and read it with joy…

  10. Comment posted by Nat Burns on

    1 in 278? Never tell me the odds! Can’t wait to see The Book in person…

  11. Comment posted by Randolph Watkins on

    Thanks, Keith, I’m in again!

  12. Comment posted by Magdalena Janosikova on

    “The Book” perfectly heretic title..
    You gotta be mine.

  13. Comment posted by Michael Anthony Scott on

    Never discouraged. Ready for a win this time.

  14. Comment posted by Ashford on

    Con­grats on the new book. Can’t wait to read it!

  15. Comment posted by Jeremy W on

    Well, unless there are 1092 entries this time, I have to have a better chance this time! I’d still really like a signed copy from Keith’s own stock – it would be something to treasure.

  16. Comment posted by Fernanda Scarlato on

    Oh well, maybe this time I’ll have better luck!

  17. Comment posted by Thomas Lotze on

    So let’s give it another try.

  18. Comment posted by Jade Farley on

    As a child, I carried around books instead of dolls. Much to my best friend’s lament, my favourite ‘game’ was to make books bound in ever-more elaborate ways and containing a seemingly endless amount of virtually unreadable content (hey, I was 5).

    Ever passionate about writing and books, I’m thus so keen to read The Book, I’d even do so umop apisdn.

  19. Comment posted by Ricardo Magalhaes on

    Even though I already have placed an order and have it en route, having a signed copy from you would mean the world…! If I do win it, I’d wisely give my own copy away to someone who’d make the most of it. You know, spreading the good word.

  20. Comment posted by Sebastian Tomita on

    I feel lucky! :D

  21. Comment posted by Zeissmann on

    Could I get The Book this time, please? Thank you.

  22. Comment posted by Peter Owen on

    I’d love to win this.

  23. Comment posted by Love Lagerkvist on

    You can’t win if you don’t play! Love the site <3

  24. Comment posted by Sandra Coelho on

    I would like very much to flip through those pages of The Book in printed format.

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