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Win a copy of The Book!

Cover of The Book
Cover of The Book as designed by David High.

I may have mentioned that I have a new book coming out soon. This is your chance to win the first of four signed copies! To enter the giveaway, just do one of the following:

  • leave a comment on this post, making sure to supply a valid email address so that I can contact you in the event that you win, or
  • reply to or retweet the tweet announcing this contest, making sure to follow @shadychars so that I can send you a direct message if you win. (Please don’t create multiple accounts or repeatedly reply to the message — Twitter may ban you as a result. One entry is fine!)

This first round of the contest will close at noon GMT on Sunday 14th August 2016, so make sure you enter before then. After that I’ll pick one winner from the list of all unique entrants, and I’ll happily post a copy of The Book to them wherever they are in the world.

Good luck! And remember, if you don’t win this time round, there are three more chances still to come.

Update: The competition is now closed! Thank you for all your comments and tweets. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow, and kick off the next round of the competition!

78 comments on “Win a copy of The Book!

  1. Comment posted by Carole Cropley on

    Congratulations on your new book. I am looking forward to reading the book about the book!

  2. Comment posted by Michał on

    After reading Shady Chars, it’d be foolish of me not to try getting this book.

  3. Comment posted by nicolas on

    Looking forward to read this one, I loved ‘Shady Characters’!

  4. Comment posted by Jesse on

    Can’t wait to read the book! And what a relief to see a decent font in a web form.

  5. Comment posted by Andrew Szmelter on

    BO rools OK

  6. Comment posted by Ashford on

    Congrats on the new book. Can’t wait to read it!

  7. Comment posted by Indi on

    Looking forward to reading it!

  8. Comment posted by Giuditta on

    Such an inspiring book! Looking forward to reading it!

  9. Comment posted by Thomas Lotze on

    Congratulations from me as well! Having read your first book with great delight, I was about to order this one anyway, but who wouldn’t enjoy a signed copy?

  10. Comment posted by Kaye on

    Congratulations! Loved Shady Characters. Ready for another!

  11. Comment posted by Gordon Brandly on

    Since it seems that The Book will be coming out later in Canada, it would be – as a previous commenter said – foolish of me not to try getting this book. After enjoying Shady Characters for so long ‘twould be excellent to have my owned signed copy, but failing that I’ll be buying one ASAP, of course. :)

  12. Comment posted by Chad on

    I recommended Shady Characters to one of my library patrons recently, and she reported back that she loved it. Can’t wait to recommend another Book of yours to her!

  13. Comment posted by Dave Williams on

    A book about the book, called The Book. Marvellously meta, and just up my street :-)

  14. Comment posted by Kassia on

    please let me win a copy of The Book

  15. Comment posted by Zeissmann on

    I want one! It can even be the Polish edition, I’m not picky :)

  16. Comment posted by Jeff Lacey on

    This book looks fascinating!

  17. Comment posted by Peter Owen on

    I’d love to win a copy!

  18. Comment posted by Laura Gibbs on

    SO EXCITED to read this book about The Book! Perfect way to start off the new (school) year. :-)

  19. Comment posted by Clayton on

    Ooo, this is exciting! I’d love to win!

  20. Comment posted by Emma Allain on

    Would love this book – from a burgeoning book designer and bookbinder!

  21. Comment posted by Bill M on

    Best of success with your knew books. I really loved (and still do) Shady Characters.

    1. Comment posted by ayayay on

      I am sorry, emojis obviously do not work.

  22. Comment posted by scott olling on

    looks very interesting – another contest that I will not see the end of – hurrah

  23. Comment posted by Nene on

    Congratulations on you book and best wishes!

  24. Comment posted by Brian on

    Best of luck with the new book.

  25. Comment posted by KJ Davis on

    Me, me, ME!!! I’m your biggest fan!! ;) Can’t wait, Keith!! I’m so proud of you!

  26. Comment posted by Sonny Wong on

    The cover alone will want to make you open and read as soon as possible…..

  27. Comment posted by Roman Gebath on

    I loved your first book and used much of it in my bachelor thesis. It was sad, that »the book« didn’t come out earlier—I might have used it too. It would be awesome if I would win it now :)

  28. Comment posted by Love Lagerkvist on

    Best type related blog on the internet! Congratulations on almost finishing your new book, can’t wait to want to read it!

  29. Comment posted by Typometre on

    Would love it.

  30. Comment posted by Mostafa Hajizadeh on

    Looking forward to THE BOOK. It’s going to be a joy to read.

  31. Comment posted by Marcus Pedersen on

    Oh please please let me win THE BOOK

  32. Comment posted by Stephen Butler on

    I loved Shady Characters and am really looking forward to reading The Book!

  33. Comment posted by Jon of Connecticut on

    Looking forward to this one.

  34. Comment posted by Pedro Amado on

    “The Book”, is the book! Looking forward to reading this one too. Congratulations from Portugal.

  35. Comment posted by Alberto Rey on

    I would like sooooo much winning this book! :3 Congrats for the publishing too.

  36. Comment posted by Esme Greenfield on

    I would really not mind adding this book to my bookshelf!

  37. Comment posted by Cicer cum caule on

    My bookshelf is ready for The Book!

  38. Comment posted by jbo on

    This looks gorgeous. I’m in!

  39. Comment posted by Peter Coombe on

    Loved Shady Characters, can’t wait for this!

  40. Comment posted by Gunnar on

    I was hesitating at first, but someone told me it’s okay to own two book – so why not take a chance on this one?

  41. Comment posted by Beth Dubey on

    I’d as lief take leave to leaf through The Book.

  42. Comment posted by Michael Anthony Scott on

    I love your blog, so count me in.

    Michael Anthony Scott

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Hi Martijn — your comments are much appreciated. Thanks for staying tuned in through the years!

  43. Comment posted by Jill M Roberts on

    Keith, I loved your first book and am eagerly awaiting the next!

    All My Best,

  44. Comment posted by Jesse Sheidlower on

    Would be buying this of course, but a signed copy would be even more appreciated!

  45. Comment posted by ERC on

    Looking forward to reading this!

  46. Comment posted by Amy on

    Looking forward to the Princes St release in a week or two!

  47. Comment posted by Jade Farley on

    Having had a better and much more long-lasting relationship with the written word than with any mere human, I cannot wait to read The Book.

  48. Comment posted by Jeremy W on

    As a regular reader of “Shady Characters”, and the owner of the book of the same name, I will get a a copy of “The Book” regardless. It would be nice to have one directly from Keith, though (especially if it is signed)!

  49. Comment posted by Sarah Cowan on

    The Book looks great! Would love a copy :-)

  50. Comment posted by Jacob Rudenstam on

    Looks like a good read!

  51. Comment posted by opk on

    Count me in, would love to win a copy.

  52. Comment posted by Brian Zick on

    Nice! I already pre-ordered, but I wouldn’t mind a second copy to give to a friend!

  53. Comment posted by Ruth Barlow on

    I’d love to win the book – language has played a big part in my life and I’m always learning

  54. Comment posted by Björn Isebaert on

    Definitely want this book (if I don’t win, I’ll buy it :)).

  55. Comment posted by Nat Burns on

    Love love LOVE this! Definitely want a copy, for sure! :)

  56. Comment posted by Bill Simoni on

    Good luck with the release!

  57. Comment posted by Fernanda Scarlato on

    I’m looking forward to reading it! Although it may take a few months until it arrives to booksellers in my country!!

  58. Comment posted by Chantal Galvez on

    Keep re reading SC, can’t wait

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