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Changes to email subscriptions

Feedburner, the Google service that Shady Characters uses to send email notifications of new posts, is closing down its email service. As such, I’ve updated the subscription widget at the bottom of the site to use WordPress.com’s email subscription feature instead.

To avoid cluttering anyone’s email inbox, I will not be moving existing subscribers to the new service. If you’re already subscribed to email notifications and you’d like to continue to receive them, please do one of the following:

In either case, don’t forget to check your email inbox to confirm your subscription.

If you’d prefer to follow Shady Characters on social media, you can find me on Twitter and Facebook. All of the posts made here are also publicised to those sites. You can also use good old fashioned RSS, if that’s your jam.

If you have any questions, please either leave a comment below or drop me a line directly.

30 comments on “Changes to email subscriptions

  1. Comment posted by Philip Rosson on

    I’d like to re-subscribe

  2. Comment posted by Jeff Probst on

    I’d also like to resubscribe.

  3. Comment posted by Blue Wren on

    Please re-subscribe me, thanks.

  4. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

    Hi all — you should each now have a new, pending subscription. Please check your email inbox to activate it.

    If you don’t see a confirmation email within a few days, please let me know.

  5. Comment posted by Jason Gurley on

    Please resubscribe me as well!

  6. Comment posted by Mary Ann Atwood on

    I believe I have completed the “change” process ?!
    If not, please… for π¶∆¥ , HELP!

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Hi Mary Ann – you should already be subscribed. If you haven’t already checked your email inbox for a confirmation, please try now. Thanks!

  7. Comment posted by Virginia Tym on

    Please re-subscribe me! Thank you.

  8. Comment posted by Elissa Steeves on

    Please subscribe me via email

  9. Comment posted by miriam kahn on

    I want to resubscribe.

  10. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

    Hi all — thanks for subscribing. Please check your inboxes for a confirmation email.

  11. Comment posted by headland on


  12. Comment posted by Julien on

    I’d like to resuscribe! Thanks a lot in advance :)

  13. Comment posted by Irv Osterer on

    I would like to resubscribe … many thanks

  14. Comment posted by Gillian Scobie on

    Yes, I would like to resubscribe! Thank you!

  15. Comment posted by Shel Ross on

    Yes, I would like to resubscribe. Thanks.

  16. Comment posted by Rosemary on

    Yes please, resubscribe me.

  17. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

    Hi all — the latest batch of subscriptions has been added. Please check your in­boxes for a con­firm­a­tion email.

  18. Comment posted by Rosemary on

    Please resubscribe me on the address used for WordPress notifications. (Please see my comment data.)

  19. Comment posted by Steven Minniear on

    Sorry, but I didn’t see the resubscribe box anywhere. I would love to continue getting your email. Your stories make my day.

  20. Comment posted by Ellen Klein on

    I’d like to resubscribe. Thank you.

  21. Comment posted by Stephen Valentine on

    I should be overjoyed to be resubscribed.

    1. Comment posted by Keith Houston on

      Glad to oblige! You should get a confirmation email any time now.

  22. Comment posted by Michael Olivier on

    Please allow me to subscribe. Just purchased your shady book and it’s been distracting me all day.

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