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Errata for Empire of the Sum

The following errata apply to the first hardcover and electronic editions of Empire of the Sum, published in 2023 by W. W. Norton. Factual errors are addressed here, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are not.

My thanks to Hanzala Abbass, Peter Bromwich, John Imperio, Brian Tandrow, and Andy Tosswill for pointing out the errors given below.


For “in which a guinea comprised twenty shillings”, read “in which a pound comprised twenty shillings”.
For “the last emperor of Egypt”, read “the last emperor of Ethiopia”.
Sputnik was launched in 1957, not 1959.
y = mc + c should, of course, read y = mx + c.

For “New York and New Jersey made calculators mandatory for certain math exams”, read “New York and New Jersey made calculators available for certain math exams”.


No errata as yet.


No errata as yet.

If you come across an error in any edition of Empire of the Sum, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’d appreciate it very much, and I’d be very happy to acknowledge you in future editions.