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Housekeeping: your data at Shady Characters

Readers in the EU may have heard about something called the GDPR, or “General Data Protection Regulation”. This is an upcoming change to EU law that clarifies and expands on prior rules relating to how organisations (even one-man-bands such as Shady Characters) obtain personal data such as email addresses and how they manage that data once obtained. As such, I’ve updated my page on Privacy, Cookies & Personal Data to make it clear how I handle personal data. I’d encourage you to take a moment to read the new wording, but in brief:

  • If you have ever commented here and provided a valid email address, I will have your email address on file. I will delete or amend that email address, or any of your comments, on request.
  • If you have ever signed up to the Shady Characters mailing list,* your email address is held by Google’s Feedburner service. To stop receiving email notifications of new posts, either click the “unsubscribe” link in an email newsletter or contact me directly.
  • Shady Characters uses Google Analytics to anonymously track visitor numbers. This requires the use of small pieces of data called “cookies”. Google promises to comply with all relevant privacy legislation (such as the GDPR) but, if you prefer, you can disable cookies for this site entirely.

If you have any questions about what data is held here at Shady Characters or you wish to have any or all of your own personal data amended or deleted as described above, please get in touch.

Conversely, if you haven’t signed up but you’d like to do so, please head down to the bottom of this page and enter your email in the sign-up box. After confirming your subscription you’ll receive email notifications of all new articles, which is rarely more than once every couple of weeks or so. 

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