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The Book at the BBC: Book of the Week

Some exciting news! The Book: A Cover-to-Cover Ex­plor­a­tion of the Most Power­ful Ob­ject of Our Time is BBC Radio 4’s next Book of the Week! The first 15-minute episode will be broadcast on Radio 4 tomorrow, Monday 14th May, at 09:45 BST (it will be repeated again tomorrow night at 00:30) and will be followed by four more daily episodes to be broadcast and repeated at the same times for the rest of the week.

I must thank Caroline Raphael of Dora Productions for getting the ball rolling and Peter Hoare and Celia de Wolff of Pier Productions for producing the programme itself. Libby Spurrier did a great job in selectively abridging what is not exactly a short book (my fault!) into manageable 15-minute chunks. Lastly, the extracts will be read by Deborah Findlay — I’d love to say she has done an excellent job (and based on her past work, I’m sure she has) but I haven’t even heard it yet myself. I’ll be as excited as anyone else to listen to the first episode tomorrow.

So: I hope you’ll tune in! If you can’t make it to a radio or a computer at 09:45 tomorrow,* the programme will be available shortly afterwards on BBC iPlayer. If you enjoy it (or if you don’t!), please drop by here to let me know what you think in the comments section.

As an aside, if you can’t wait that long for some Book-related audio content, I recently found out that all of the sessions at Adelaide Writers’ Week 2017 (including my own) are now available on SoundCloud. You can listen to my chat with Michael Williams here

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